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Dr. Tim's Commitment to Quality Super Juices

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Dr. Tim's Acai Smoothie and Acai Bowl Recipes


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Why buy Dr. Tim’s TIBETAN GOJI?

#1. Quality:
The quality of our Goji juice is guaranteed! We really go out of our way to set the standard in quality by developing our own proprietary cold concentration process. Our strict requirements ensure that we use only the very best of raw materials. You can’t go wrong when you start with fresh fruits and then apply our “cryo-protective” technology and supervise every step of our process until the finished product. In addition to this is the fact that Dr. Tim along with our food scientists and nutritionists demand the highest of professional standards and expectations. Their unyielding adherence to such high professional core values and combined experience ensures that Dr. Tim’s Juices are the very best in quality. We don’t just make juice, we make juices that work!

#2. Taste:
The taste of our Goji is also guaranteed. We go so far out of our way to make sure our juices are the best tasting that Dr. Tim himself travels into these faraway places to investigate, experiment and evaluate each respective fruit. He looks for fruits that have not only legendary folkloric reverence from the locals but also fruits that have real demonstrable benefits. Then he works with each respective fruit both in their respective country of origin but also here at home. He experiments with the fruits and determines their active chemical compounds. And finally he evaluates these fruits and their respective flavor profiles. He is careful to preserve the natural flavor regardless of how exotic it may be and then combines it with scientifically determined flavor support fruit juices. This is how our juices actually taste like the fruit they come from and are delicious and easy to drink.
We make juices that work and taste good!
After all, we drink them too!