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Whole fruit mangosteen juice that contains the pericarp and the fruit has been traditionally used for the following:
• Arthritis pain
• Fever control
• Gastrointestinal relief including GERD
• Headache relief
• Infections
• Anti-inflammation
• Pain relief
• Skin, eczema, acne
• Immune system boost


In a study reported in the Journal of Medicinal Food August 2009 researchers from the Department of Preventative Medicine at the Yanjing Medcial School of Public Health and Family Medicine in Beijing tested the effectiveness of mangosteen in humans. They conducted a randomized, double blinded, placebo-controlled study on 59 healthy human subjects ranging in age from 40 to 60 years of age. Changes in their baseline immune function were measured after 30 days of consuming the mangosteen product and the placebo. The subjects’ self appraisal of their health status was also measured. A Xanthone rich mangosteen product was used in the study. Results showed an increase in the mean values for peripheral T-helper cell frequency and a reduced serum C-reactive protein concentration. This is significant as serum C-reactive protein is an indicator for inflammation or an inflammatory disease process. That means that Mangosteen is effective in reducing inflammatory disease. Although there is much research to be done yet Mangosteen is reported to have positive effects in relief of gastrointestinal disorders and arthritis. There were other significant markers demonstrating increases or higher concentrations in the experimental group versus the placebo group. Additionally more participants in the experimental group reported a greatly improved overall health status compared to the placebo group. The results of this study show that intake of antioxidant rich mangosteen can significantly enhance your immune system responses and decrease the effects of inflammatory disease. Additionally improve the subject’s self-appraisal on his or her overall health status.