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Dr. Tim's Acai Smoothie and Acai Bowl Recipes


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1. Acai is cold pressed: myth. Acai is very hard fruit with a large seed. It is not a true berry like a blueberry. You can not squeeze an Acai berry and get juice from it like you could from a blueberry, strawberry or raspberry. It is very hard like a cranberry. In fact if you were to bite an Acai fruit you could break a tooth. Acai once harvested has to be put into a special machine much like a very large blender to separate the seed from the thin layer of skin and pulp. Those companies claiming that they “cold press” their Acai simply do not know what they are talking about.

2. Acai can melt fat, pounds and unwanted weight off of your body. Myth: This just isn’t true. There are no studies supporting this wild claim. This was a marketing ploy used to take advantage of a consumers looking for an easy fix to weight loss. It was used by some unscrupulous marketing companies to sucker customers into buying Acai pills and binding them to a recurring charge on their credit card. Most of these companies have been taken to court by their respective State’s Attorneys Generals and either put out of business or severely punished.

3. Only 100% Acai provides health benefits. Myth: The truth is 100% Acai taste bitter and does not have a good taste. Most people who buy 100% Acai end up mixing it with other juices thereby diluting to 50% or even less. This practice adds additional cost to an already expensive product.

4. Acai is hand picked. Truth: All Acai is hand picked.

5. The Acai seed or “endocarp” is used in the preparation of Acai juice. Myth: Acai seeds are discarded or used in planting programs to help in the reforestation of the Amazon rainforest. The processing machines utilized to process Acai are designed to separate the seed from the skin and flesh. They are not designed nor do they crush the seed. If the seed were used then your Acai juice your Acai juice would be 80% thick brown seed sediment.

6. The Acai seed has nutritional value. Myth: All studies performed on the Acai seed confirm that the seed is devoid of nutritional value.

7. Acai is a fad. Myth: While it is true that Acai was abused during the “Acai Diet Pill Scam” of recent years Acai is certainly not a fad. Of all of the “Super fruits” Acai is used in more products by more companies than all of the rest. It really is a whole food supplement and provides many benefits.