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Dr. Tim's Acai Smoothie and Acai Bowl Recipes


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Acai is a unique and interesting flavor. The fresh Acai as eaten in Belem, Brazil and the surrounding region is consumed mainly as a savory dip for fish and shrimp. And let me tell you that it is amazing with its avocado like flavor and smoothness. Unfortunately for us we cannot get fresh Acai outside of Brazil because of its delicate nature. Fortunately for us, however we can get it the form of juice and Acai juice is just as amazing as the fresh stuff. Fresh Acai goes through this wild metamorphosis from an outstanding savory dip to a mouth watering sweet dish. With just a pinch of honey, fruit juice or other sweetener it flashes from one spectrum to the next all without losing one ounce of antioxidant. The Acai flavor when sweetened has a smooth chocolate-berry flavor that is as unique as it is exotic. It is thick, rich, purple and is more like a smoothie than a juice. It is both sweet and tart with a bold exotic flair. It really is so unique and different that it is hard to describe. It’s not like anything you have ever tasted before. Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai has the most authentic Acai taste than any other Acai juice available, guaranteed!