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Acai, Acai Juice – Brazil Botanicals

Many people have reported having superior digestion and mental focus as an effect of drinking Acai Juice. As with many health drinks, Acai juice has become a popular choice among both the trendy and the health conscious. Several companies now manufacture juices, smoothies, health drinks and sorbets made from Acai berries. Often this is done in combination with other fruits. Some preliminary reports suggest that some women who experience severe symptoms associated with menstrual cycles such as extreme menstrual pain can also benefit from Acai juice. In addition to osteoporosis prevention, one of the chief health benefits of Acai juice is it’s strong antioxidant activity.

Health Benefits Of Acai Juice
Consumers and distributors across the world have recognized the health benefits of Acai juice and sales have confirmed this trend. Acai is taken in liquid juice form. It is safe to say that Acai juice that is cold processed and not dried out will be a superior product over the rest. Another thing to watch for are the ingredient lists on these products. Many companies are producing Acai juice with 20% or less of the actual Acai juice. The remainder is filled with water, sugar, preservatives and other cheaper juices. With the Acai’s great anti-inflammatory properties, adding sugar (and effectively canceling out Acai juice’s benefits) simply doesn’t make sense. However to the credit of some companies there are juices available that are 80% to 85% Acai juice. 100% Acai juice can seem too strong in taste to many people. Naturally the Acai berry is not sweet. When the pulp of many berries is blended it is easy to see the oils that come to the surface. Sometimes straight Acai may even have a rancid sense to it and this is attributed to the oils.

Different Blends Of Acai Juice
The premier Acai juice blend delivers dense, abundant, powerful nutrients that are transforming lives with remarkable swiftness. Improving your bodily health and physical strength with Acai Juice is a very good choice. While there are a number of other fruit juices that fight off antioxidants, none of them come close to Acai juice. The slow releasing energy from Acai Juice makes it an ideal food for endurance sports, where stamina and sustained energy is important.

Many have offered their own personal anecdotal testimonies as to the effectiveness of Acai juice. Here is what some have reported; “ I started drinking Acai juice and the hives subsided.” “I am not going to lie, I really expected no energy from this Acai juice, but it was a pleasant surprise”. “I tried the Acai juice and have cut the Requip in half!” “I tried the Acai juice in a bottle and like the flavor.” With the ultimate blend of vitamins and nutrients, Acai juice is the ideal health supplement. Even vegetarians will find Acai juice an ideal source of vitamins and minerals to supplement their diet. Many Acai juice fans report results such as increased vitality, improved energy levels and an increase in their overall well-being.

One of the newest health foods being made available globally is Acai juice (from the Acai berry). Just make sure that the Acai juice that you buy is minimally processed, otherwise the nutritional properties of the fruit could be compromised. As you can see there are many healthy benefits you can enjoy from consuming Acai juice regularly.

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