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COCO-5 Sports Drink


COCO-5 contains the naturally occurring components that medical science recognizes as crucial to the biological balance of hydrating cells. Water is vital to the body and is recommended as a component to proper hydration. But water alone cannot provide the balance our bodies demand. Homeostasis, cellular fluid balance (interstitial fluid, intracellular fluid and extracellular fluid) is achieved when both water and electrolytes are present in adequate concentrations. The electrolytes create a chemical gradient that allows or disallows the movement of fluid from cell to cell and from compartment to compartment.

When the electrolyte concentrations are out of balance and the water content of the cell is diminished or depleted, then water alone cannot restore hydration. It is necessary to restore electrolytes along with the water to re-balance the electrolyte gating mechanisms to allow efficient and effective fluid uptake by the cells.
Feeding your cells with electrolytes will provide proper cellular hydration and will promote a myriad of health benefits including:
- Lubrication of joints and muscles
- Conversion of food into energy
- Formations of protective linings in eyes, nose, air passages and lungs
- Proper muscle contraction
- Mental focus
- Physical performance
- Nervous system function

Medical and scientific research has concluded that the ingestion of fresh young coconut water, a natural and refreshing beverage, may be used for whole body re-hydration after exercise. Additionally, coconut water has been and is still used for IV solution or plasma replacement when plasma resources are scarce. ISO-5 provides all five essential electrolytes including as much potassium as a banana. [1,2,3,4]

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